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Finding the right massage chair can be a daunting experience

If you don’t want your massage chair to become a coat rack in two weeks, you need to thoroughly understand what you’re buying. The best way to do that is by experiencing a massage chair demonstration. In a demo, you’ll be able to quickly discern that the best massage chairs feel more comfortable and more relaxing the longer you sit in them. The chairs to avoid have exactly the opposite effect: the longer you sit, the worse you feel.

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Auto detection of spinal line – optimize the “Depth” of the massage

Auto detection of shoulder position – optimize the “Point” of the massage

Osaki Japan Premium 4S

Osaki Japan Premium 4S

L-Track Massage Function

Zero Gravity

Ankle Knobs

Full Range Foot Rollers

Space Saving Chair

OS-7200CR is the most advanced massage chair

Equipped with a micro-computer, it is engineered to perform various intelligent massage styles and combinations with precision features

L-Track Massage

USB Charging station

Space Saving Technology

Heat on Lumbar

Dual Action Massage

Zero Gravity

Osaki TP-8500
Osaki OS-7200 CR
Osaki OS-4000 CS


Osaki OS-7200CR

Osaki TP-8500

Evolved 3D Massage Technology

The next generation of 3D massage rollers are designed for outstanding range and flexibility. The 3D technology allows the user to control the length of rollers that extend out from the backrest

Next Generation Air Massage Technology

Apex Pro has the next generation of air massage technology, streamlining the air massager to a lower count making it one of the most mechanically sound massage chairs in the market

Osaki 3D Pro Cyber
APEX AP Pro Regal

Osaki APEX AP- Pro Regal

Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber

Negative Oxygen Ionization

The use of negative oxygen ionization is the purpose of purifying the air at the microscopic level. The Negative Oxygen Ionizer is located on the top section of the adjustable shoulder massagers pointing towards the face.

APEX AP Pro Lotus

Osaki Apex AP-Pro Lotus

The new 3D and 9 Stages of Strength Adjustment

Release your stress with Osaki Japan Premium 4.0 in-depth 3D massage technology. The projection is 4.9 inches which is the industry's latest maximum

Osaki Japan Premium 40

Osaki Japan Premium 4.0

Home of Osaki Japan Premium Series Brand….Osaki work and partnership directly with the world's No. 1 Japan manufacturer of massage and relaxation products Made out the world’s First Artificial Intelligent - Osaki Japan Premium 4S Best of the Best Massage chair

Osaki massage chairs are designed and engineered for maximum comfort and function. Osaki products are put through heavy testing to ensure reliability and performance. Come and experience the Osaki difference!

Osaki is one of the leading distributors of electronic massage chairs, handheld massagers, foot massagers, fitness machines, and back relief products. Osaki specialize in importing and distributing straight to the consumers. While providing high quality products Osaki also strive to provide superior customer service to his clients in all aspects of  business. Osaki strive and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Osaki makes it his number one priority to help relax your body, so you can enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Knee and Calf Massage with Innovative Flip Up Design

Osaki BodyEZ OS-C30 Foot Massager has an innovative flip up design, 30 air bags, kneading massage on thigh and calf, and 3 active rollers on foot

Osaki BodyEZ OS-C30

Osaki foot massager OS-C30

The new Kiwami Mecha BASIS System

Osaki Pro OS-4D Pro JP Premium adopted KIWAMI MECHA technology that comes with 2 balls to give ideal and preferred custom-made massage for various body type

Osaki Japan Premium 4D

Osaki Japan Premium 4D

Regent is APEX’s flagship chair

Engineered by top Japanese designers in the industry, the science behind the massage provides a unique life-like massage second to none. Be ready to be amazed!

2 Stage Zero Gravity Positioning

Inspired by NASA, zero gravity allows for the weight be distributed more evenly throughout body. The zero gravity button allows for the user to be reclined automatically in a relaxed position, placing the feet at or above heart level.

APEX AP-Pro Regent
Osaki Galaxy Salon 2

Osaki Galaxy Salon 2

Osaki Apex AP- Pro Regent