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Finding the right massage chair can be a daunting experience

If you don’t want your massage chair to become a coat rack in two weeks, you need to thoroughly understand what you’re buying. The best way to do that is by experiencing a massage chair demonstration. In a demo, you’ll be able to quickly discern that the best massage chairs feel more comfortable and more relaxing the longer you sit in them. The chairs to avoid have exactly the opposite effect: the longer you sit, the worse you feel.

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Osaki BodyEZ OS-C30 Foot Massager

List price :     $790.00

Sale price :     $599.00

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Osaki BodyEZ OS-C30 (Silver)

- Knee and Calf Massage with Innovative Flip Up Design.

- Carbon Fiber Heat on Thigh and Ankle.

- 15 Min Automatic Shut-off Function.

- Removable Cover.

- 30 Air Bag Massage.

- Easy to Clean and Maintenance.

- 3 Levels of Intensity, 3 Speeds of Sole Roller Massage

Available in Silver color ONLY

Osaki BodyEZ OS-C30 Foot Massager has an innovative flip up design, 30 air bags, kneading massage on thigh and calf, and 3 active rollers on foot. The upper part can turn 110 degrees and massage your knee conveniently. The combination of kneading and rolling massage gives you a relaxing leg massage experience. Osaki BodyEZ OS-C30 is equipped with carbon fiber heat function on thigh and ankle. The noise level is less than 45 DB

Knee and Calf Massage with Innovative Flip Up Design.

- Carbon Fiber Heat on Thigh and Ankle.

- 15 Min Automatic shut-off function.

- Removable Cover.

- 30 Air Bag Massage.

- Easy to Clean and Maintenance.

- 3 Levels of Intensity.

- 3 Speeds of Sole Roller Massage